D3 Competition Spec Coil Over System
Cadillac CTS-V 2009 - UP Coupe/Sedan/Wagon
D3  2.101.110
D3 Competition Lowering Springs
Cadillac CTS-V 2009 - UP Coupe/Sedan/Wagon - (use Mag-Ride Rods)
D3 has teamed up with JRI Shocks to develop the worlds most
comprehensive and multi adjustable true coilover system for the Cadillac
CTS-V. The CTS-V is a heavy car, with that in mind this system is a no
holds bars coil over kit that has been developed from the ground up to meet
the rigorous demands of real racing and motorsports with the intent on
bringing the best coilover system to market.

JRI Shocks has an incredible reputation and has used their expertise to help
bring forth a this new groundbreaking product. The Competition Coilover
System will allow the user a seemingly infinite amount of adjustment to
high speed and low speed settings, thus allowing you to create ideal traction
conditions in not so ideal track conditions.

Furthermore D3 offers additional spring rates and custom gas pressure
options for special racing requirements. So when competition is at its
highest degree, and only mere fractions of a second count, this system will
be there for you.

The system focuses on the following:
  • Reducing breakaway seal friction or stiction.
  • Reducing internal gas spring rate and rod force.
  • Reducing internal gas spring rate and rod force.
  • Reducing friction in running and side loaded conditions.
  • Increasing dynamic response in higher frequencies.
  • Reducing hysteresis.
D3  2.101.106
+50% firm | Ride Height Adjustment Rods for Mag
Ride Compatibility (0.75"Ft / 1.25" Rr)

100% compatabile with Magnetic Ride Shocks
0.75" Front / 1.0" Rear

The D3 Competition Springs are the only springs on the market that allow
for 100% perfect usage of the OEM Mag Ride Shocks.  The key to allowing
for proper interface with the OEM mag ride is the D3 Spring Hardware Kit
which makes the car feel virtually stock when the D3 Sport Lowering
Springs are installed.

Made in the USA the /D3/ Competition Springs are ISO 9001 certified as
well and have been engineered and built specifically for the CTS-V allowing
for a 50% stiffer over factory ride.  Ride height is lowered by 0.75” FT and
1.0” RR.

The key to the D3 Competition Spring is their progressive spring rates. This
allows for the springs to become progressively stiffer based on the load
transferred to each spring. In other words the spring will become
progressively stiffer the more aggressively you drive.

When paired with the D3 Competition Sway Bars the D3 Competition
suspension kit will offer superior cornering capabilities allowing for ultra-
aggressive street and track performance. They will also offer a great
balanced ride that will work with your vehicles factory magnetic ride
D3 Competition Sway Bar Kit
Cadillac CTS-V 2009 - UP Coupe/Sedan/Wagon - (use Mag-Ride Rods)
D3  2.101.120
Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit

Developed on the Race Track the D3 Sway bar kit has been engineered to
allow for the maximum amount of roll resistance while still maintaining
quality drive characteristics.

D3 Sway Bars have been designed to provide an extraordinarily flat
driving experience when pushing hard through the corners. The D3 anti-
roll bar works to further reduce body roll by tying together the right and
left sides of the suspension. This essentially lends more wheel rate from the
side that’s in droop to the side that’s being compressed.  More roll stiffness
means less body “lean”, and the tires stay flatter on the pavement (with
more tire contact). The result is more grip and added driver control! We
strongly consider our Competition Sway Bars as a Must Have for any
serious track-prepped CTS-V.

  • Flat Cornering
  • Dramatically decrease understeer
  • Multiple user settings and adjustments
  • Excellent vehicle rotation
  • Less body roll means more traction
  • Faster cornering speeds
  • Increased driver confidence
D3  2.101.125 - with Adjustable Sway Bar End
Links - for advanced chassis tuning
D3 Chassis Bracing – Steel Construction
Cadillac CTS-V 2009 - 2014 Coupe/Sedan/Wagon
Body Style
D3  2.101.121C

D3 Chassis Bracing is designed to increase your vehicles torsional rigidity
with D3 chassis bracing components. These undercarriage mounted chassis
braces will greatly increase overall vehicle stiffness without decreasing
ride quality. Having a stiff chassis will not only improve responsiveness
and vehicle feel, it will also allow you to properly tune your suspension.

Now that the vehicles chassis has been isolated it allows the energy to be
transferred to the suspension components that are designed to handle such
load. OEM manufacturers have found increasing the stiffness of the chassis
to be one of the largest single performance gains in handling without
increasing spring rates, spring stiffness, bushing diameter, or shock

These braces will install using OEM bolt hole mounting locations and not
require any permanent modifications to the vehicle. Think about it as the
performance gains of installing a roll cage in terms of stiffness without
compromising interior cabin space and drivability/ride quality.


  • Constructed of 100% 4130 Chromolly Steel
  • 100% TIG Welded
  • Increased vehicle response
  • Decrease chassis flex
  • Minimize rear subframe movement

Made in the USA exclusively by D3

D3  2.101.121S
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D3 Chassis Bracing – Steel Construction
Cadillac CTS-V 2009 - 2014 Coupe/Sedan/Wagon
D3 Chassis Bracing – Steel Construction
Cadillac CTS-V 2009 - 2014 Coupe/Sedan/Wagon
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