Carbon Fiber
When it comes to racing, every second counts. APR Performance Adjustable Wings can give you that edge to achieve
faster lap times. By reducing lift and increasing downforce, you can gain extra traction during high speed cornering.
Although adjustable wings aren’t specifically a suspension component, they play a crucial role to the handling
characteristics of a car. By adjusting the angle of attack on an adjustable wing, you can dial in the amount of
downforce for better car control. This allows your car to have more or less oversteer characteristics, giving you
additional control to tune the rear traction of your car.
We can set custom mounting distances for most wing applications.

  • Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Airfoils – APR has a large selection of lightweight and durable Carbon Fiber
    or Alumium Airfoils.

  • Carbon Fiber Side Plates – Every APR Adjustable Wing comes with Carbon Fiber Side Plates for weight

  • Billet Aluminum Base Stands – For it's qualities of lightness and strength, all APR Adjustable Wings
    utilizize Base Stands composed of "6061 grade" aluminum.

  • Rust Free Stainless Steel Bolts – To prevent rust and oxidation, only stainless steel bolts are used for
    constructing APR Adjustable Wings.

  • Quality Finish – Every APR Adjustable Wing is polished to ensure the highest quality finish on every
    carbon fiber airfoil.
Carbon Fibre
Carbon Fiber
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